art is a journey for everybody, everywhere.


my passions.

Make art accessible, bring it into corporations and out of the ordinary places, give art a meaning, generate joy and wellbeing, are my drives in this world.

murs porteurs.

Murs Porteurs enhances walls of corporations to align with their image and values


Curator, with the interior designer Jorge Canete of one of the only intact and genuine 14th century gothic cloisters in Switzerland. A marvelous site to host in situ contemporary art exhibitions with selected artists working in harmony and with respect of the place and its history. (Jan Hendrix, Franklin Chow, Olivier Estoppey, Peter Wüthrich, Rudy Schwynn, Romain Crelier...)

artistic commissions.

Consultancy services about wall design, positioning of artworks, acquisitions, rejuvenation of existing collections, colors, picture search. I’m proud to contribute to meaningful working spaces with a high added value of positive emotions and well being.

YPO Alpine.

YPO Alpine is the local Young President Organization chapter, a high level worldwide networking group for professionals. As a member of the Geneva branch, I’m involved in specific artistic and personal development events


my journey.

Passionate matchmaker between two worlds - art and corporate – I exemplify the match between artistic expression and company culture and values.


I learned and practiced sales and marketing, team management, excellence of customer service through an intense career in big industrial and consumer goods corporations.


As product manager at Nespresso, I developed the fist call centers and was a pioneer in setting up the first CRM system to reactivate inactive and « sleeping » clients. Decisive experience, as today I’m still working on a constant improvement of the customer perception.

Shaped by travels and international experiences, passionate about the minimalist Japanese culture and the monumental works of the German photographer Andreas Gursky, I’m driven by a high attention to detail and quality requirement and by the majesty of contemporary artist’s projects.


Artist and painter, trained with an academic base followed by an abstract training, I exhibited my creations to be able to live fully the artistic process for which I fully understand the economical and technical constrains.

Fascinated by a collection of CEO’s posing in their office in front of an art work or an art print, sometimes in total contradiction with the values or culture of their companies, I co-founded Murs Porteurs in 2008 with Maude Freymond Wanner. This innovative concept was born through our complementary profiles, psychologist and senior executive, to invite art into corporations, demystify, give a positive and accurate representation of the company values and contribute to the well being of the employees.

Today, managing the company by myself, I’m also curating the Chartreuse de La
,  a genuine 14th century Cloister, unique in Switzerland, with my accomplice – Jorge Canete – interior designer.


Multi active about art, I’m also organizing events for YPO (Young President Organization) and I’m invested in many artistic commissions to advise corporations about acquisitions, enhancement of their collections or any wall murals.

Nathalie Hecker by Stephanie Page
Nathalie Hecker by Stephanie Page
Nathalie Hecker by Stephanie Page
Nathalie Hecker by Stephanie Page
Nathalie Hecker by Stephanie Page
Nathalie Hecker by Stephanie Page


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  • Nathalie Hecker